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Simply Canon

A Ron and Hermione icon community
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

simply_canon is a Live Journal community for strictly icons, wallpapers, headers and other forms of computer graphics. It is open to any level of graphics maker.

Layout by: evitaporter
default icon by: evitaporter

*No posting graphics that were not made by you. Graphics stealers will be burned at the stake and then served with a nice side of baked potatoes and creamed corn,
*No hotlinking
*Credit is mandatory unless specified by the graphics maker

*If you have more than three icons to share put it under a cut.

<*lj-cut text="snappy phrase"> blahblahblah <*/lj-cut text="snappy phrase"> (without the *)

*Keep comments nice. If you have a tip or a suggestion for someone make sure its respectful
*You MUST, I can't stress this enough, have at least one Ron, Hermione or Ron/Hermione graphic in your posts. Rupert/Emma can pass however. If I see that a post is void of Heron goodness it will be usually deleted unless I deem otherwise.
*Graphics of other ships (like Harry/Hermione) are allowed but like stated before, a Ron/Hermione graphic must be present.
*Requests are not allowed at this moment. Try hp_requests


I am looking for at least one more moderator. If you are interested please contact me in my LJ

Coming soon